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Our Macros + Meals Plan (8- and 12-week options) is perfect for someone who already has a good handle on their diet and who already counts macronutrients (via tracking app, like MyFitnessPal) or wants to learn how, but is looking for meal/snack ideas and accountability to reach their goals. Each week, you’ll receive up to six new, macro-friendly recipes to use as the foundation of your meal plan. With your personalized macronutrient calculation in mind, you will design a day of eating (via tracking app) to fit your personal needs and food preferences. This plan includes one-on-one coaching and weekly check-ins to keep you motivated on track. Your DTFN coach will also assist you with any sort of tracking challenges– from hitting specific macronutrient numbers to planning a night out with your daily goals in mind. 


• Daily protein, carbohydrate, and fat settings to align with personal goals

• Up to 6 macro-friendly recipes and meal/snack ideas each week of your plan

• Grocery shopping lists with easy food prep instructions

• Healthy and easy-to-make recipes

• Guidance related to tracking challenges (i.e. trouble reaching protein goals, dining out)

• Weekly weigh-ins and progress check-ins with coach

• Ongoing accountability and motivation

• Custom macro adjustments as needed

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