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I am in charge of this website. Any comments, criticism, corrections, or additions can be made to this page by using the contact form on the right. This website is dedicated to helping people with warts. Any questions, suggestions, or comments are welcome. I will be adding new products to this website regularly. Please check back often. What is warts? "Warts are small bumps or warts that appear on the skin. Some warts are harmless. Warts cause pain. Warts can be painful in more than one place. Warts usually heal without treatment and without treatment, some warts will never go away. Warts may come and go. "Warts usually come and go between 18 months and 5 years old. Warts are more common in men than in women. Warts are most often red, raised and warty, with a small bump (1-2mm). Warts tend to get bigger over time. The warts usually disappear after a week or two, but there can be a few that stay on and grow to be larger.

My experience with the products: I bought the products that were available on the internet. I tried to purchase all the products for my wart sufferers, but it's very difficult. The products on the internet seem to be more effective, but I just bought a lot of it for the first batch and that's what I was really satisfied with.

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Papillux has recently become a Papillux in warts removal. Many affirmative testimonials from enthus...