Designed to Fit Meal Plans: The Three Day Take

Instead of offering a complicated 7 day schedule, we provide 3 perfect days for clients to alternate for their entire week. These 3 days include breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks that align with the macronutrient prescription and calorie goals calculated by their assigned coach. The client is in control of their schedule, so they can choose where they want to place each meal plan option into their week.

Here is what a schedule may look like for a client who does not exercise:


Meal Plan Option 1 Meal Plan Option 2 Meal Plan Option 1 Meal Plan Option 2 Meal Plan Option 1 Meal Plan Option 3 Meal Plan Option 3


Here is what a schedule may look like for an active client:


Workout Option 1 Workout Option 2 Rest Day Workout Option 2 Workout Option 1 Rest Day Workout Option 2


So, why three days versus seven?

The KISS Protocol: Keep It Simple Stupid 

When it comes to food prep, staying successful long-term means keeping things relatively simple and manageable. That’s our primary goal behind the 3-day set up. Providing 3 days gives our clients enough versatility, so they’re not bored eating the same meals every day, but it also keeps them from prepping 7 different breakfast, lunches and dinners. Spending a day in the kitchen is incredibly unrealistic for most people. Obviously, it takes a lot of time, but beyond that, it typically requires a lot of different ingredients, which, of course, leads to waste and a drain on the wallet. It’s important to have some meals on repeat and learn how to batch-bake to keep costs down.


Perfecting Your Days

Each client is different with regard to the types of food they like, the complexity of recipes they prefer, and the time they can allot to food prep. Therefore, it’s a constant work in progress between the Coach and client to figure out exactly what works. We want to make meal prep habits stick well after a meal plan ends – this is another reason why we stick to planning 3 perfect days. Throughout a client’s meal plan, we focus on the struggles that they personally face. What meals can they make quickly? What meals do they prefer made ahead? What items can they not stand as leftovers? When are they reaching for a salty or sweet snack? Prepping 3 perfect days helps them to really identify where they can be successful. This is (by far) one of the most essential skills our clients learn once they graduate from one of our meal plans.

Now that’s not to say our meal plans are a giant piece of red velvet cake from the get-go! Any kind of change in schedule is certainly going to be a major adjustment. Good news: If you are a meal prep boss, it will likely be a smooth transition. If not, week one, you will likely wonder what what the hell you got yourself into. But, that’s okay and very common. Our clients often say their meal prep time reduces by half from the first week of their plan to week 3 or so. This means, by the time you leave us, your meal prep skills will be stellar! 

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