The articles on this page have been written by students and medical enthusiasts, they should not be considered “law” because science advances at a rate at which we can not keep pace, make sure that the data are updated, and if you have any doubt leave us a comment. Starting a blog on health and wellness is both a challenge and a responsibility. The challenge comes implicit in the subject of the blog itself, there is probably nothing more exciting or that takes away more hours of sleep than the health, ours and that of loved ones around us, is a field so rich and full of nuances that their knowledge is terribly complex and it is not possible to do so in any other way than with responsibility, clarity and caution.

We would like this blog to be different from those that, on this subject, are more abundant on the net, that is to say, not a site to look for collections of symptoms and try to give an answer to our state based on what has been read, I believe that for that there already exists a wonderful figure, you doctor, whom, not by a long shot, we intend to replace. No, we would rather like this to be a place where you can find curiosities, practical tricks or small tips that allow you to maintain your general health, feel good and thus, incidentally, contribute to your happiness in the day to day.

The three pillars, in which we will go deeper into future articles, to keep us in good shape are the following:

Are we what we eat?, of course, and not only in the rhetorical sense of the question, but I would almost dare to say that literally we end up becoming a faithful reflection of our diet. A balanced diet, rich, varied and without excesses is the first step to be healthier.

Exercise. The current rhythm of life, with its consequent stress and subsequent tiredness, often prevents us from doing the sport we need, however, physical activity is essential to maintain a correct physical and mental state. It is not a question of imposing a training that takes us to run the New York marathon, but we should avoid that our only daily exercise is to lift the remote to see what we are put on TV.

Rest. Sleep and sleep well, enough hours and quality enough to recover and face the next day. Numerous studies show that sleep, or rather the lack of it, has a clear influence on the character, which becomes more irascible, shortens life and is related to numerous pathologies.