Your Guide To Nutrition For Better Health

Your Guide To Nutrition For Better Health

If you’ve decided to live a healthy lifestyle then you simply need to combine better nutrition with regular workouts. Your food will probably be low in fat and sugar. But many times when it comes to exercise we do not know what is best to eat well before or after sport. Taking care of our diet if we are active people can help us increase performance, define muscles or lose weight.

In addition, eating enough nutrients, antioxidants and calories to keep you exercising is the key.

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Foods to eat before doing sport

Before a directed class or to make use of the machines in the gymnasium we must control well the feeding and not to give ourselves binges of food.

Foods are perfect in small quantities but they contain the vitamins necessary to nourish us. An example is nuts that contain healthy fats, oatmeal with milk, a yogurt or a fruit such as a banana.

A good option is the now so fashionable bowls that contain yogurt, along with nuts and seeds, such as chia containing omega 3 and protein.

To drink we will hydrate ourselves with water. It is good to drink half a litre of water approximately before starting training, but not without exaggerating.

Before going to the gym it is better to avoid foods rich in fat or sugar. If you are coming from a large meal, forget that day at the gym or come when they have passed at least 3 hours after eating.

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What to Eat After the Gym

Once we have finished training we need to hydrate quickly and eat slowly and little. We can start with fruit and also nuts, and then make a more complete meal, based on, for example, fish, rice salad, pasta with seeds and tomatoes, dairy products, meats, eggs and protein shakes. It is time to take protein and not to take excess fat or otherwise everything we have lost in the gym we will recover and we will not be eating healthily.

Surely we will be very thirsty, so water will be our best ally against dehydration, although there are some isotonic drinks, which without ever abusing them, can recover us from our great physical activity.

When you are not sure then go to the nutritionist. There are also different diets for each type of sport. Now the gyms themselves have dietitians to ask about the food we can eat.