Biotin Benefits For Your Skin, Hair And Overall Health

Biotin Benefits For Your Skin, Hair And Overall Health

It is currently very fashionable and not without controversy. The famous biotin contained in some shampoos is a vitamin that improves the appearance of the skin and hair. We invite you to discover how to consume it and its benefits.

What is biotin?

Also known as vitamin H or B8 is involved in the metabolism of fats, hydrates, purines and amino acids.

Nowadays it is well known because it is an ingredient of many shampoos and vitamin complexes. The controversy has surrounded it in recent times, as it is one of the ingredients of shampoos for horses and have become fashionable for human consumption.

The most common way to consume it is in food supplements or naturally through foods such as egg yolk, kidneys, liver, yeast, etc.. The recommended amount for an adult is between 15 and 100 mg per day.

Benefits of biotin for skin and hair

Biotin is often recommended as a supplement to slow hair loss and add vitality and volume. Currently there are some shampoos with biotin, but its benefit on the hair is not 100% sure as it is not absorbed by the skin.

  • By oral route it is effective to strengthen the nails.
  • It prevents skin problems such as dermatitis or psoriasis, as it can regenerate tissues.
  • It reduces and controls dandruff.
  • It favors the soft and hydrated aspect of the skin.
  • Repairs dehydrated, dry or irritated skin.

Other benefits

Biotin is not only good for skin and hair, it is also good for health. Among its most relevant benefits are the following:

  • It improves mood.
  • It helps the nervous system and prevents neurodegenerative diseases.
  • Strengthens cardiovascular health.
  • Helps to recover and regenerate muscle tissue when it suffers a problem or weakening. This makes biotin a good ally for athletes and seniors.