We have a love-hate relationship with granola. Sure, it’s delicious and fun to eat, but it’s not the “health” food that a lot of people expect it to be. Plus, from a calorie standpoint, it’s typically loaded with sugar, which means a macro-friendly portion is teeny-tiny – and that’s no fun.

Instead of nixing granola from our diets all together, we share our favorite store-bought, packaged brands that give you the most bang for your buck… well, technically, calorie count, but you know what we mean, right? 🙂

Speaking of calories, our Not-a-Million-Calories Gluten-Free Maple Granola is a client favorite. This granola recipe is similar to the traditional granola that we all know and love, but Cheerios lighten-up the calorie count (only 140 calories per serving) and maple extract adds flavor and a subtle sweetness without adding a ton of sugar.

Do you have a favorite granola? Please let us know – we’re always looking for new awesome products!

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