Success Stories


Designed to Fit meal plans made me realize that just eating “clean” was not enough and that for me it was more about proper portions and getting the right balance of proteins, carbs, and fats. My biggest fear going into the meal plan was that it would be complicated, time-consuming, hungry all the time, and that I wouldn’t see results. It was totally the opposite! The food and recipes are delicious and easy to prepare, and I was never hungry once – it’s a lot of food! It was also a lot of fun looking forward to getting my meal plan each week. I lost 8 pounds on my 6-week meal plan, and since then have lost an additional 12 pounds in 4 months by keeping portions the same and using what I learned on the plan.


Whenever I would go on a diet in the past, my grocery cart would be filled with processed foods with the words ‘skinny,’ ‘light’ or ‘low-fat’ littered all over the packing. I never looked at the actual ingredients or even the serving sizes and was always hungry. My custom meal plan from Designed to Fit was unlike anything I tried before. Kerrie listened to my likes and dislikes and designed an 8-week plan that worked in my life and was easy to stick to. I was never hungry. Not to mention it opened my eyes on portion control and eating REAL food. It’s so simple to follow because it’s completely mapped out for you.


Designed to Fit’s meal plans showed me I was WAY OVERTHINKING how to eat healthy. It showed me how to simplify my meals and how food prep didn’t have to be overwhelming. I was nervous the food would be the same things over and over but that wasn’t the case! The plan gave me different foods and combinations to try. I would get excited week to week to see what was in store for me!! Many meals created for me on my plan are favorites I have stuck with to this day. I am so happy I took the leap and asked for help with eating healthy.


Designed to Fit meal plans not only helped jump start my weight loss but I truly believe helped bring down my cholesterol and combined with working out my blood pressure too! I was nervous at first that I would be making separate meals for everyone but my husband quickly joined me and looked forward to hearing what was on the menu each week! I think one of the best parts for me was learning how to meal prep for the week because, as a working mother of two, my time home is definitely precious! The hour or so I spent on Sunday saved tons of time and stress from figuring out meals during the week.


I thought I was a healthy eater. I looooove to cook and chocolate is pretty much a food group for me, so the last thing I wanted to do was change my eating. I started with the 8-week plan and there was no turning back. It was definitely hard at first, but after the first week, I was converted. I felt better, my clothes were looser and the difference in my workouts was apparent. My husband even lost over 10 lbs just from eating what I was eating. Now my view on food has completely changed. I no longer look at food as a problem, I look at it as a means to fuel my body for whatever I am doing that day. I used to feel bad when I had an indulgent day and beat myself up about it. Over the course of the past 3 years I have lost over 20 lbs and gone down 3 sizes. More than 12 pounds of that has just been in the past 6 months after my nutrition overhaul. No more starving, no more cleanses, and no more feeling bad about eating. Finding that balance in your day-to-day is a serious game changer.


Signing up for a custom meal plan was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself! Diet has always been a struggle for me; I’d try to fit 5 packs of 500 calorie Oreos in my diet rather than 500 calories of whole foods. I’ve learned that I can lose weight while still enjoying delicious foods… and dessert isn’t forbidden! I love trying new recipes and foods and truly enjoy seeing what’s on my meal plan every week. All the guesswork is taken out of planning. Just an hour or two of meal prepping and you’re good to go. I finally learned to enjoy food and have stopped restricting myself. I lost 12 pounds and a number of inches in my first 8-week meal plan, and will be starting another soon!

* Results from one year of Designed to Fit meal plans, beginning with Foundations and moving onto Designed to Fit Premium 

S.C. & B.C.

Losing weight as a couple made sticking to the plan so much easier because we kept each other on track. Even though he’s not the best cook, he cleaned up the kitchen after our prep day on Sunday. Now that we are finished with the plan, we continue to prep on a smaller scale, use what the plan taught us about portion control and still make many of the recipes that we were introduced to. We’re so happy that we did this together!


This client dropped a whopping 20 (!!) pounds in 8 weeks on our Premium plan! He really loved the food and how easy it was for him to prep ahead of time. He also had plenty of FUN during his plan (i.e. weddings, tailgating) and STILL had an incredible transformation!


Designed to Fit Nutrition has changed my way of looking at and thinking about food. Over the past decade, I have obsessed over food, tried countless ways to lose weight with no success, and even more frustrating, continued to gain weight. DTF taught me that eating to properly fuel my body was more important than eating less. Not once did I feel hungry or deprived. On the custom nutrition plan, all of the thinking and planning was done for me – removing the stress I normally felt when trying to eat healthy and lose weight. With Designed to Fit’s shopping lists, meal plans and coaching I was able to lose 12 pounds over 16 weeks and completely change my body! I still have a way to go on my journey, and in between custom meal plans I use the tools I’ve learned to stay on track.