How to Hit Your Macros with High Protein Snacks            

Here at DTFN, we’ve found that a big boost to a client’s day is including a delicious snack or two that keeps satiety high & compliance on point. Many notice that they are feeling MUCH fuller post snack & there is an important reason for that. Too many on-the-go options are carb-heavy & often protein devoid. That doesn’t give you much in the way of satiety & throws you into a blood sugar roller coaster no one needs mid-day. Including protein rich foods into your snacks is going to be key no matter what your goal.

  • For Athletes: protein aides in repairing muscle tissue damage in order to recover & perform at your fittest.
  • For Fat Loss: it helps hold on to that valuable lean muscle mass in order to keep metabolism high. While also providing increased satiety from your meals. Aka you stay fuller, longer!
  • For Health & Wellness: beneficial to balancing blood sugar throughout the day. Not to mention bone health, a strong immune system, energy needs & literally every cell function in the body.

That should give you a little extra motivation to up your protein? I’d say so!

One of the common coaching questions we get from our lovely DTFN community is seeking tips on how to include protein in their snacks. Carbs tend to be the easy to grab & go snack of choice, but we want to include a quality source of protein to balance your blood sugar. Plus, hit those customized macro numbers to nail your goal!

Check out a few of these easy to include, protein rich snacks add ins to help you stay on track.

  • Protein Balls: One of the MOST requested DTFN recipes & an easy on the go sweet treat.
  • Eggs: Hard boiled eggs are tasty on their own but even better smashed with a little Trader Joe’s everything bagel seasoning atop a cracker.
  • Egg Muffins: Easy bake ahead egg cups are another fav you can totally customize to your personal preference.
  • Greek Yogurt Bowls: mix in your favorite berries, a sprinkle of nuts & even half a scoop of quality protein powder for a SUPER filling snack.
  • Cottage Cheese: another easy to enjoy sweet or savory mid-day snack. Add blueberries & honey or top a rice cake w/ a few tomato slices.
  • Deli Meat: all about that protein & excellent rolled up with a slice of your favorite cheese. Double protein win!
  • Cheese Rounds: a couple of babybel cheese rounds give you an extra 10g of protein plus healthy fat to ready tide you over.
  • Tuna Cans/Pouches: make yourself a little tuna salad snack w/ a few crackers for a healthy mini meal.
  • Protein Bars/Powders: choose a high quality, short ingredient list bar to have on hand or even a shaker bottle of protein powder in a pinch. Look for a brand such as RX bars, which have 10g+ of protein & around 200 calories.
  • Jerky: perfect for those with a salty tooth & ideal when you don’t have a fridge handy. Epic bars or Trader Joe’s has a few of my fav options!

What’s YOUR favorite protein packed snack?

~ Emma Hammond


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