Designed To Fit Nutrition Coach: Laura Ligos, RD

Hi world! I’m Laura aka Sassy (more on that below) and I am so excited to be a part of the DTFN team and cannot wait to start helping you all crush your goals all while loving the process.

A little background about me I suppose would help.

Nutrition and fitness became passions of mine via two different paths. First, I was a competitive swimmer and lacrosse player all through high school and decided I wanted to pursue a Division 1 career in swimming at Cornell University. I realized my height was a slight disadvantage and wanted to figure out how I could fuel myself and help others at the same time. Nutella itself wasn’t going to get me there.

Then there was my mom (hi, mom!) who developed food allergies when I was young and I wanted to figure out ways to help her (and others) enjoy food that tasted good all while not causing them harm. You could say a nutrition career was my destiny, or something like that.

So, while swimming for hours on end, I decided a degree in nutrition would be just the ticket to figure out how to nourish myself and fuel others for years to come.

After becoming a dietitian and realizing I had a lot to say about nutrition and related topics, I decided to start my own blog The Sassy Dietitian, to show people how they could eat real food that tasted great all in a judgment-free zone. From that point on I’ve gotten the nickname Sassy as I have a knack for being bold, lively and at times cheeky in all aspects of life.

After my swimming career ended, I needed something to bide my time so I took to CrossFit, fell in love, became a trainer and the rest is history. I love helping people find their strength and feel really great from the inside out.

I like to think that helping people crush their goals is my full time job!

When I’m not talking/eating/thinking about food or playing around in the CrossFit gym, you can find me playing with my Wheaten Terrier pup, Bode or hiking/snowboarding/traveling with my husband, family and friends. I don’t take myself too seriously so feel free to crack a good fun pun, I’ll love you a latte.

I’m excited to be a part of this healthy movement and cannot wait to be a part of your health journey.

Come find me over on Instagram @thesassydietitian, my blog or the DTFN Facebook group!

Laura aka Sass

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