Last May, I graduated from nursing school—which is where I ended up eating everything in sight (and consuming a lot of alcohol) because I thought I could avoid doing anything school related if I were eating. The entire summer I complained about how none of my clothes fit, my butt was eating my bathing suit bottoms and had nothing to wear. Basically, I lived in gym clothes.

One night at the end of the summer, I was complaining about how I looked and my boyfriend suggested I try the gym his sister goes to because she loves it. I immediately said “ummmm no, I’ve seen pictures of her gym and I can’t do that.” A few days later he told me he talked to his sister and told her I would go with her to a “bring a friend” class at KFIT and she would pick me up. Instant panic. I thought I was going to die for sure. I couldn’t even remember the last time I had worked out. I texted his sister and told her I couldn’t go because I won’t be able to do the workout and I’ll die (shout out to Farran for not letting me back out). Sure enough I survived AND I actually liked it! Later that week, I signed up for a package and the rest is history!

Fast-forward to October, there was an 8-week in-house fitness challenge at KFIT—tracking macros. I immediately thought, “what does that mean”? I went to a nutrition lecture done by Kerrie and she gave us personalized macro numbers. All we had to do was track them. DONE. I could do this. During the 8 weeks, I lost a few pounds, started feeling better about myself and now determined to crush my goals in the gym. This was my downfall; I had no idea what to eat and I wasn’t fueling my body for the type of workout and results I wanted. I could never get enough protein to match my numbers. I used to eat chicken sausage and sweet potato fries everyday for lunch.

Not long after our in-house challenge ended, Designed to Fit Nutrition was born. For a few months I kept going back and forth about buying a meal plan. Would I be able to do it? Would I buy it and go off and do my own thing as I had done so many times before on all of the other fad diets I attempted?

I finally did it. I picked the 4-week plan because 4 weeks wasn’t that long, and I would be able to deal with it if I hated it. Little did I know, this would be the best 4 weeks! The first week was the hardest… TOO MUCH FOOD. Who would have thought, a meal plan that offered too much food? I wasn’t used to eating that much protein and food that filled me up longer than an hour. I told Kerrie that I couldn’t finish my meals during the day and then at night I would be so hungry. It doesn’t help that I work 3pm-11pm, and running around like a crazy woman makes you hungry! I was so focused on eating everything before work because I was afraid I wouldn’t have time once I got there. Kerrie gave me tips that I still use: two lunches, protein in my yogurt, and don’t wait too long between meals/snack or you’ll be so hungry you’ll want to eat everything.

My weight didn’t change much on the scale, it even increased by a few pounds but my entire body composition changed. For the first time ever I could see muscles! My dad used to tell me I needed to lift weights and drink protein shakes (I’m the only girl with 3 athletic brothers and he used to compete in powerlifting competitions, so naturally I should be in the gym with them right?). I proudly went to show him my success!! I was so excited with my transformation.

I was sad that I only did 4 weeks, so of course I signed up for another DTFN plan! This time I did 8 weeks of Macros & Meals. Macros & Meals was a lot different than my first 4 weeks because now I had the freedom of planning my days. Every week I would get new recipes, decide what I wanted to make and then fill in the rest. Using what I learned in my first 4 weeks, I was able to make macro-conscious decisions on which snacks would be the most filling and satisfying. I was able to accommodate nights out that would involve alcohol, restaurant meals, and occasionally things that aren’t meal plan “approved” aka an Italian sub. It’s all about moderation right??

During my 12 weeks with DTFN, I have accomplished things I never thought were possible. I ran my fastest 5k, lifted heavier weights, have better endurance, and FQ’d my first CrossFit Open. My plan has ended but I now have confidence in what I have learned and meal prep is just part of my weekly routine. I owe a HUGE thank you to DTFN, Kerrie and KFIT. I wouldn’t have been able to reach my goals without your support and guidance!

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