I bought an 8-week Macros and Meal plan with DTFN after seeing so many success stories and trying some of the recipes I had seen posted on Carrots ‘n Cake (they were all delicious and easy). As someone who has always loved cooking, I was thrilled to find a meal plan that offered me new recipes each week, but also allowed me to keep making some of my favorite go-to meals.  I was given so many recipes that weeks after my program has ended, I still haven’t made them all!

DTFN has taught me how important it is to spend a couple of hours, 1-2 days a week, prepping my meals. I would often prep breakfasts (which I eat on the go), lunches, and dinner ingredients so that I could just throw things together when it came time for dinner. Some of my favorite recipes include sunshine sauce, overnight oats, protein balls, hummus chicken salad, and stuffed peppers. I love how I can always fall back on the DTFN recipes when I don’t know what to make, and it’s been fun playing with MyFitnessPal to track my macros.

Additionally, I work out 6 times per week and was motivated by the progress I was seeing at the gym. My DTFN coach was constantly adjusting my macros based on my progress (both body fat and weight) to support my active lifestyle. Even on weeks when I didn’t see the scale drop a ton, I was motivated by non-scale victories and decreases in body fat percentage. My coach was always there to encourage me to stay on track to meet my goals, but if I did over indulge, she was there to offer support as well.  We often looked over restaurant menus together and discussed how to prepare for travel, while still never feeling deprived.

This is the only plan I’ve been on where I’ve actually been able to get back on track after a vacation or indulgent weekend- and that’s because DTFN is both delicious and realistic. I get to enjoy my favorite foods (cookies, pizza, frozen yogurt, and Prosecco) in moderation because it’s all about balance. Nothing is off limits.  This is probably the most important takeaway that I’ve learned, and I know I can continue to follow this because DTFN is not a diet.

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