I started my journey to a healthier me nearly 6 years ago when I became a member at KFIT. I promise I am not exaggerating when I say that I could not run around the block or do a single push-up before starting KFIT. I must have bought 25 Groupons over the years to different fitness places. How many times did I use them? Zero. KFIT was THE game changer for me. Never in my life did I think I would like any kind of group training. First of all, I’m the least coordinated person ever. Second, I deal with an immense amount of social anxiety any time I enter a new social situation, so you can imagine that group training is just about as stressful as it can get for me. But sure enough, I loved KFIT from day 1 and something just clicked with me that never had before. Within a year of starting KFIT, I felt more confident than I had in my whole life and I was physically doing things that I never pictured myself doing before. With the help of a couple in-house nutrition challenges, I toned up, lost inches/fat, and gained lots of strength and endurance. Eventually, I started coaching at KFIT and was able to share my passion for the workouts and overall health with other members. Fast forward 5 years…

About 1 year after starting KFIT

About a year ago, I started to find myself in a major workout rut. I stopped running altogether and at times, I was only working out 1-2x/week. I had zero motivation. Food prepping quickly became a thing of the past. My boyfriend and I were eating out/ordering in a lot, which quickly started to catch up with me. When I finally did get back into my “normal” gym routine, workouts were crushing me. I was dying doing the things that were once effortless, so obviously the things that were never effortless before became nearly impossible. I hated benchmark workouts because I was slower than ever before. For anyone that knows me, knows that I love a little competition and I love a benchmark workout but I completely lost my drive to push myself. Every time I finished a workout, I felt completely defeated. At the time, I didn’t really make the connection between my performance and nutrition and whatever connection I did make, I chose to ignore! Here I was crushing a large pizza, curly fries, and a bottle of red wine EVERY Friday night and nachos nearly every Sunday for 6+ months, but I couldn’t figure out why working out 4-5 days a week wasn’t doing the trick anymore.

Going into the fall, I started to feel the mental side effects of my weight gain. I had a lot going on at once and I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t always handle stress well. I was traveling a lot for work and was being asked to speak at conferences, which literally gives me heart palpitations even thinking about it since I am severely scared of public speaking. When I had to make the awful and unexpected decision in September to put my dog, Atlas to sleep, something inside of me just broke. The whole situation took a huge emotional toll on me; I continued to gain weight and I rarely spoke to anyone about how I was feeling. I was struggling so much mentally and emotionally every day. I was dealing with an immense amount of social anxiety because I was so uncomfortable in my own skin. I hated the way I felt and it was seeping into every part of my life. I was constantly dealing with feelings of self-doubt and insecurity and those kinds of feelings can just start to destroy you over time.

My expectations for DTFN weren’t crazy. I just wanted to get back to a place where I felt comfortable in my own skin and not feel like I was dying during workouts. The day after Christmas, I bought a 4 week meal plan. I’ve seen multiple DTFN transformations at KFIT with my own eyes and they are all so incredible and motivating. I spoke with Kerrie a few weeks prior to signing up and expressed to her where I was at physically and how it was starting to take a toll on me emotionally. I was beyond excited to start when January 23rd rolled around. My biggest fear was that I was going to be hungry. My portions were out of control before my meal plan so I was so nervous that I would be starving the whole time. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I wasn’t hungry at all (after the initial 2-3 day adjustment period). After 4 weeks, I was way less bloated, was having less digestive issues, and had lost a few pounds. More importantly, my stress and anxiety decreased significantly and I noticed a huge improvement in the gym. I ultimately made the decision to sign on for an additional 6 weeks and it was the best decision for me. Signing on for 10 weeks gave me the confidence to continue this journey on my own.

I am 3 weeks off plan and continue to maintain my final weight by implementing my old meal plan, but also allowing myself some more flexibility. I’ve never felt better in the gym and my running game has been completely revived. There were absolutely times throughout the 10 weeks that I just wanted to go completely rogue, but I kept telling myself that 2.5 months is nothing in the grand scheme of things. A weight has been lifted, both figuratively and literally and I seriously cannot thank Kerrie enough for working with me and getting me back on track.

June 2016 vs. April 2017: Pic on the left was taken this week (3 weeks off meal plan/post vacation), pic on the right was taken in June of 2016.

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