It’s no secret that we have both struggled with weight loss in the past and our weights have yoyo’d up and down for years… more recently going up instead of down! However, in the past 16 months, I have lost 55 pounds and Walter has lost 40 pounds. It didn’t all come off at once (DTFN is not a quick fix fad diet) but has been a steady work in progress.
A year ago, I won a four week meal plan as part of a competition at KFIT Bootcamp. I was nervous to get started, so started Walter decided he would follow along with the meal plan to make grocery shopping and meal prep easier and we both found success. I lost 10 lbs in the four weeks and Walter lost 15. Then after a “fun” summer we decided to sign up for an 8 week couples plan. We were both nervous and unsure of how committed we would be in those 8 weeks. We both work full-time and have two kids but we figured since we found success due to each other’s support in the spring, we would go for it.  We lost about 34 pounds combined in those 8 weeks and continued to follow old plans to help get us through the holidays. We started another four week meal plan in March followed by four weeks of Meals and Macros. I think it’s safe to say that we are officially obsessed!!
Besides weight loss, Walter and I have experienced some major non-scale victories in the past year. Before starting any meal plans, my blood pressure and cholesterol were so high that my doctor wanted to put me on medication for both. I asked her to give me some time to work on my weight and change my diet. When I went back 12 weeks later for another check-up and everything came back in a normal range and has continued to stay that way since. Walter has also suffered with acid reflux and took daily medication for years. After starting the DTFN meal plans, his acid reflux is almost non-existent and he hasn’t taken any medication in over 10 months. As a couple who are still in their 30s, this makes us so happy not to be on daily medications!

One of the things we really love about the DTFN plans is the weekend prep mentality that it gets you in. We shop Saturday and prep for half the week on Sunday and the second half of the week on Wednesday. Although we (ok just me) may be in the kitchen for a few hours Sunday afternoon, but it saves us so much time during the week. We are able to grab and go which gives us more time for our boys and their activities. Walter is not the normal cook in the house, but he has been able to successfully prepare some of the recipes which has been a huge help!!

We are both so happy to keep it going because it doesn’t actually feel like a diet or a major lifestyle change. When we do want to go off plan and enjoy ourselves, we don’t feel so guilty about it because we know we will get ourselves right back on track. It’s the first diet we’ve done that hasn’t felt like a punishment. We truly get excited to find out what recipes and foods are going to be on our plan because it doesn’t taste like “diet food”.

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