August 23, 2017

Post-Summer Slim Down

Mark your calendars for our 3-week Post-Summer Slim Down! It kicks off on Monday, September 18th! We have limited availability, so be sure to reserve your spot! If your summer was all about eating, drinking, and being merry, this meal plan is for you! It’s time to get back on track and set yourself up for a happy and healthy fall season. Our 3-week Post-Summer Slim Down starts Monday, September 18th. It incorporates whole, unprocessed foods and low sugar to reset your body and reduce cravings as you work toward your weight loss and health goals. Here’s what this will entail: The first week of your diet will have minimal starchy vegetables, fruits, grains, and dairy. Weeks 2 and 3 will add low-glycemic sugars, […]
August 21, 2017

Client Spotlight: Kiley

Over the course of 6 months , Kiley transitioned from our Custom meal plan to our Macros + Meals and learned what worked best for her body and lifestyle. We especially love her “Client Spotlight” because it truly demonstrates that hard work, trusting the process, and patience really pays off. She also shares her top 5 takeaways from her experience with DTFN. Congrats! We’re so proud of you, Kiley!    After having a baby, I lost most of the weight, but my body was different. I also felt tired all the time, so I didn’t work out as much and just didn’t feel good. It was time for a change. I asked for a DTFN meal plan for Christmas and it was […]
August 18, 2017

Best “Shitty” Choice – Panera

Everyone loves Panera, but a lot of the options are loaded with calories, carbs, and sodium. Even with the calorie counts available on the menu, it’s not always the easiest decision, so we picked our best “shitty” choices for a balanced (and delicious) meal.
August 16, 2017

What A Nutrition Coach Eats In A Day

Hey guys, coach Katie here! I love getting a glimpse into what other people eat in a day as I usually get some new ideas and inspiration to keep my meals interesting. This was a weekday last week that was a mix of work and play, which is a pretty typical schedule for me these days. I’ve started working full-time at home, so my eating is a little more flexible and go-with-the-flow than it has been in the past when I would prep everything going into the week. Tis’ this season of life! Breakfast: I like to wake up super early to get work done and usually sip on iced coffee. This day, however, I went out to get a coffee at my […]
August 8, 2017

The Best Fit Granola

We have a love-hate relationship with granola. Sure, it’s delicious and fun to eat, but it’s not the “health” food that a lot of people expect it to be. Plus, from a calorie standpoint, it’s typically loaded with sugar, which means a macro-friendly portion is teeny-tiny – and that’s no fun. Instead of nixing granola from our diets all together, we share our favorite store-bought, packaged brands that give you the most bang for your buck… well, technically, calorie count, but you know what we mean, right? 🙂 Speaking of calories, our Not-a-Million-Calories Gluten-Free Maple Granola is a client favorite. This granola recipe is similar to the traditional granola that we all know and love, but Cheerios lighten-up the calorie count (only 140 […]
August 7, 2017

Client Spotlight: Nikki

For my entire life I’ve struggled with believing in myself; thinking I wasn’t good enough and never pushing myself to be anything better. Over the years, I’ve fluctuated with my weight and had major body image issues. During my first two years of college, I was told I was ugly and fat every day by a group of girls that I thought were my friends. Eventually, after having your “friends” tell you that over and over, you start to believe them and allow the negative comments to take over. I truly thought I was worthless, ugly and fat, so I became really depressed and my anxiety got so much worse. Everything in my life just seemed wrong and it got […]
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